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The 5th District Bipartisan Committee has long roots in this region, where it first came into existence in 1994, when a group formed to argue that it was in the best interests of the people of the 5th Congressional District to return Tom Foley to the House.

It made its resurgence in 2022, when a similar group decided to try to inform the electorate of the threat to the Republic that is Trump-enabler Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.

The genesis of the campaign was the notion of a billboard that read

With the deployment of the billboard, the attack campaign against Cathy McMorris Rodgers was launched and the organization gained legitimacy. Republicans showed support and joined the board, we became a Political Action Committee registered with the Federeal Election Commission, and a following for Big Lie Cathy mounted.

The first media piece produced by Big Lie Cathy was a series of video essays, narrated by board member Jerry LeClaire. 

Following the success of the billboard, a sign was mounted on on a car that could be seen regularly in various parts of Spokane.


Throughout the election cycle, Big Lie Cathy began to make waves, making an appearance in the Inlander.

As well as inspiring an article in the Spokesman Review.

We also distributed signs, which were displayed in yards as well as around town.


Throughout her 2022 campaign, we brought cameras into each of her in-person Town Halls. Initially, we sat, and we listened, we noted the things Cathy and her constituents had to say.

Then we started challenging her.

Once this started happening, Cathy began to tighten the screws on some of her Town Hall meetings, trying to prevent us from bringing our cameras in.

Following the end of the election, Big Lie Cathy prepared to lie low while we continue to keep tabs on Cathy's voting choices as we wait for the next election season to begin.

However, Trump's full frontal assault on the Constitution moved us to symbolic action. We began an online petition drive that asks:

Does Cathy agree with Trump on the Constitution?

We've collected over 170 signatures on it and we've presented it to an empty CMR office in Spokane at High Noon on Monday, December 12.

The 5th District Bipartisan Committee will stay in business for at least the next 2 years. Our job will be to keep tabs on Cathy, publish her record, and challenge her publicly when it seems appropriate. 

We'll see you next election.

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