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December 11, 2022

The 5th District Bipartisan Committee came back into existence one year ago. Its first iteration was in 1994 when a group formed to argue that it was in the best interests of the people of the 5th Congressional District to return Tom Foley to the House. 

A year ago, before the Democratic candidate was known, a similar group decided to try to inform the electorate of the threat to the Republic that Trump enabler Cathy McMorris-Rogers poses.

The genesis of the campaign was the notion of a billboard that read And those who visited the site would be informed.
A lot has happened since then. Our organization is somewhat legit. We have Republican representation on our board and Republican supporters. The Fifth District Bipartisan Committee is a Political Action Committee registered with the Federal Election Commission.

Jerry LeClaire sits on our board and contributes intellectual content. (See his 6 video essays).  I believe we had a modest impact on the local discussion before the election:

So here’s where we stand now. The 5th District Bipartisan Committee will stay in business for at least the next 2 years. Our job will be to keep tabs on Cathy, publish her record, and challenge her publicly when it seems appropriate. 

Read about Cathy's Voting Record Here

In the last year, we’ve learned that there is a legal, structural void between the state and county Democratic parties. A void that results in yet one more huge advantage for the incumbent. There is no sustained loyal opposition in the 5th. The Spokane County Democrats are banned by statute from offering more than $1,000 worth of support to a candidate in a federal election. And the Washington State Democrats show no interest in the "lost cause of the 5th”. We have modest financial support from folks who believe that the 5thDBC might help fill that void.

Please join us. Support our continuing effort.
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